Micro Prototyping Parameters

The maximum building height is 230 mm, the finest resolutions will be achieved with the materials RCP30 and R11.
During the set-up of the prototyping machine a choice can be made between three different lenses, as a result the projected image can be regulated from large to small. By choosing the smallest image size the optimum resloution of 16 µm can be achieved.

Micro Prototyping Building Fields

Picture A: dimensions of the building fields with corresponding resolutions at 3 differens lenses

Micro Prototyping Detail 1

Picture B: realizable values values for small elements or small cavities that are built in vertical direction

Micro Detail 02

Picture C: realizable values values for small elements or small cavities built in horizontal direction

The Micro Prototyping System

If small elements like tiny pins or ribs are built in vertical direction the smallest achievable size will be 0.10 mm with a corresponding building height of 5 mm. Holes should be at least 0.30 mm and can be built over a a height of 3 mm (Picture B).
If positioned in horizontal direction, these 0.30 mm holes can be built over a length of 20 to 30 mm, the length depending on the product design (Picture C).

Micro Prototyping ERM Function

Picture D: with the ERM-mode the resulting building resolution will be doubled

Mareco Micro Prototype in R11

Micro Prototype in R11: little spheres Ø10 mm built with a resolution of 16 µm voxel size

Mareco Micro Prototyping in PIC100

Micro Prototype in PIC100: little brush with tiny hairs Ø0.2/Ø0.3 x 3.5 mm - resolution 25 µm

ERM function

For achieving the highest building resolution the ERM mode has to be enabled. With this methode the projection will be shifted over half a pixel in X- as well as in Y-direction, so two exposures wil take place. By this smart method the projected 32 µm is halved to 16 µm ( Picture D).

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