1978 Start MAKRO-Prototyping bei Mareco
1980 Start Prototypen mittels CNC fräsen
1993 Start Rapid Prototyping mittels SLS
1998 Abguß Prototypen in PU
2010 Start production MIKRO-Prototyping mit DLP/DMD
2010 Lancierung neuer Website und neuer Hausstil
2011 2K Prototypen mittels Objet Connex350 "multi material 3D printing system"

Dear Customer,

We regret to inform you that on Saturday March 9th our general manager mr. Wim Janssen has died.
He was only 67 years old.

More than 40 years he has been the driving force of Mareco.
With its daring and innovative spirit, he made Mareco to a big company. We will miss his inspiration in the future.

Management Mareco,
Marc Janssen, Marlie Janssen and Luc Janssen

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